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Inspiration Video – Handmade and Artisan Products

July 25, 2012
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One of my favourite channels for getting inspiration for small business videos is the Etsy Channel on Vimeo – what all the videos have in common is that they all feature products and services that have a unique feel and often are handmade.

I recently watched a video for Alabama Chanin, which is a clothing company focusing on limited edition pieces which are completely hand-sewn. Obviously this labor-intensive method, means that the clothes are extremely high-end and consequently expensive. However, after watching the video about Alabama Chanin, you realise that firstly the brand is more than just clothes, it is a statement about quality, community and craftmanship and secondly, it makes you reevaluate the concept of luxury. I think any small manufacturer or artisan can take alot from this video – namely:

  • Sometimes your story is more interesting that the actual product – if you are directly impacting lives in your community by providing employment, this can be a selling point – especially if it is in traditional crafts that people appreciate
  • Focus on the craft involved in making your product – close ups of hands at work – the intricacy involved
  • Help your potential customer understand why the product costs what it does – the source materials, the hand crafted element, the uniqueness of the products, the hours put it, the start and end point etc.

Watch the Alabama Chanin Video here

This is of course a beautifully made video, but there are lots of things that you can replicate yourself in your own business or workshop.

Point 1  – Use the Rule of Thirds

To learn more about the Rule of Thirds, see this Tips and Tricks Article

Point 2  – Keep Fonts Simple and Clean

If you are using text to identify people, places or as further explanation, keep the fonts clean and simple – don’t be tempted to reach for the Comic Sans! Use a nice clear elegant Font. It is important to use a Font which can be easily read by the viewer. If you don’t have any fonts which you believe are good enough, we would highly recommend investing in some as it will greatly enhance your videos look. We would suggest visiting a site like where they are a range of affordable and professional fonts. These fonts can give great results and will give a clear and clean look to your video.

(To learn about adding Text to your video using trakAxPC, see the tutorial here).

Point 3  – Use Collaging to Show Multiple Products

If you want to show multiple products, but don’t want to make your video too long, use collaging (or picture-in-picture) to show multiple products simultaneously.

Watch the video tutorials here to learn about to implement the collage effect with trakAxPC.

If you’ve seen a particulary great artisan video or have your own tips on how to create the perfect video for a small business, please share them below!