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1 Minute Video to Promote a New Product or Service. The LovinDublin Example.

April 8, 2014

Dublin (where we are based) is going through somewhat of a food revival and when I saw this video today, promoting a new Lunchbox service from LovinDublin, I felt I had to share it. It is one of the best examples I’ve seen lately on how a relatively simple and extremely short video can tell your potential customers more about your product and offering than you could possibly hope that they could absorb by reading your sales pitch.

Here’s the video:

Now there are a few very interesting points to note – firstly the video comes in at 1:06 min. LovinDublin have done a remarkably good job at maintaining their discipline and just telling you the “need to know facts”, while still selling you on their concept.

Secondly, let’s look at the footage used in this video:

  1. Video of Niall Harribson explaining the concept. The video looks like it was filmed in a very nice, but still domestic kitchen setting. Very simple, but it works. Lighting is well done, but definitely achievable. J and L Cuts feature predominately in this video and you can learn more about this editing technique here.
  2. Food Shots. The “LovinBox” changes every week, so they simply filmed some healthy and appealing food being prepared for a Box. I counted around 12 clips used in this process. They weren’t tempted to show lots of different recipes for different boxes, so the filming could be achieved in one session.
  3. Screen Recordings – they recorded a few different shots of their website in action (something like Jing or Camtasia can be used for this)
  4. One Graphic of a Map
  5. Product Shots of the Boxes – these product photos may have been done by a professional, but you can achieve a similar look by creating your own light box. Colm here recently did a tutorial on creating a Lightbox (see it here) and it takes around 30 minutes to assemble.
  6. There is a nice animated graphic of their logo at the start of the video, but I think a simple JPEG of your logo would work just as well.

I know from speaking with lots of small businesses, making a video can appear intimidating, but when you actually break down the different elements of this video, you can see that making something as engaging and compelling as this, is achievable on a small budget and with limited expertise.

Finally, my number one tip – the founder Niall sells you on the product. Never be tempted to use actors or paid people in videos such as these – nobody can never be as passionate about your small business as you are.

The video obviously has worked its magic, as they had sold out of Lovin Boxes by the time I tried to sign up today.

As always, I hope this short article will inspire you to start creating your own small business video and if you need video editing software, be sure to check out trakax.

Inspiration, Small Retailers, trakax for Business

Kickstart your Business with video

March 15, 2013
minicblox 2

Online video is a great way to promote your products and services, but using video can also be a terrific way to kickstart the funding for your Business or small start-up. In recent years, Crowdfunding websites like Kicktarter, Fundit, IndieGoGo, etc. have become a vital resource for inventors and entrepreneurs to help find funding quickly, so they can grow and develop their product or idea and make it into a reality. Crowdfunding, at its simplest, is explaining and demonstrating your product or idea to a large group people. You then ask them to invest in your business (it can be as little as $1 to thousands), and in return you can provide them with your product (before it’s released to members of the public) or give them a share percentage of your business.

One such company that used Kickstarter to help fund their project development was Cablox. Cablox is a cable organizer that sticks underneath your desk or behind your home entertainment center and keeps your cables tidy and organized. They are using Kickstarter to help manufacture their MiniCablox which is a smaller compact version. However, with Kickstarter and other sites you need to include a video to explain and demonstrate your product or idea. With this in mind, Soren Jensen from Cablox, turned to trakAxPC software to help create his super easy introduction video. You can see the video quickly helps to explain their product and its many uses. They were also able to add their company logo, as well as promote their brand. What’s even better, they raised the money to begin manufacturing their MiniCablox.

The video is embedded on the Kickstarter website, so head over to watch the video by clicking on the link below, (you could even sponsor them for a $1).

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A video to demonstrate your Tasty CupCake Treats

March 6, 2013
Meringue Pops

We recently received an excellent video from Darlene Abarquez, who created a video for her blog MakeFabulousCakes. In this video, she highlights how easy it is to make a super quick Valentine’s gift by creating gorgeous looking meringue pops. This type of video could be useful for any small food business who create similar products like cakes, cupcakes, sweets, etc. and quickly demonstrates to customers what exactly goes into the creation process. It is also the perfect way to build brand recognition and entice consumers to purchase some of your deliciously tasty treats.

Darlene also had some great comments about our trakAxPC software which she used to create the video. She says “I just bought this program and loving it! I have never edited a video in my life, tried the Windows Live Movie Maker that came with my PC and could not understand anything with it. Went online to find something and found TrakAx, tried making a video during the 15 days trial and this newbie had actually made a decent video! It was easy and the video tutorials really helped tons. It does all what I want to do for my video and so much more, I’m sure I’ve just scratched the surface here. Thank you so much!

Well, we’re obviously delighted Darlene is enjoying the software, so why not join her by making the those first steps in to the video editing and production process. The rewards will be worth it for your business and brand.

(Remember to change the Quality Setting on the YouTube video).

Inspiration, Small Retailers, trakax for Business

5 Great Holiday Gift Guides Videos for Retail Businesses

November 20, 2012
Gift Guide Videos for Small Retailers

Using video to promote your products during the holiday season is one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers. If you are a small or independent retailer, you probably don’t have the budget to create a professional video or to run an ad campaign on local TV or radio. However, don’t let that deter you. Below you’ll find five examples of gift guide videos that work and that can be easily replicated by a non-professional. Sharing your gift guide videos on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and on your online store not only gives your customers welcome gift ideas, more importantly, it actually works – retail sites with video increase conversion by 30% and boosts the average ticket by 13%. (L2 Specialty Retail Report, September 2010).

Example 1 – Luxury Gifts Guides

The Kate Spade Gift Guide is a perfect example of a quick gift guide video – it is short (less that two and half minutes), it is easy to replicate (the set is a simple office background with good lighting), and using two members of the Kate Spade team helps make the presentation more natural – they are just having a conversation. They have split the guides into gifts for women and men and then in each video given ideas for Moms / sisters / friends etc.

Duchamp London also have a great quick and informative Gift Guide video and what is worth noting is that as they are selling luxury (insert expensive!) gifts, they concentrate on the presents at the more affordable end of the scale – ties, scarves, cufflinks and socks.

Example 2 – Create a Series of Videos

ModCloth is an online retailer specializing in retro and vintage clothes and accessories. For their Christmas campaign, they got different members of staff to pick out items that they would love to give or receive. What’s great about this campaign is that a different video can be featured each week and potential customers get to see the wide range of products they carry.

This is a really easy video to replicate – the set is simply a wooden desk against a white background. All you’d need to replicate this is a camera, a cheap tripod and a mic.

Example 3 – Videos for the Enthusiast

If you are a retailer for that caters for enthusiasts of some form or another, you need to make it easy for their friends and family to choose gifts for them. They may know that their loved one adores cooking, painting, DIY etc. but if they don’t share the same interests, they have no real idea of what products are out there. Having a quick gift guide video – three minutes or less – you can show five to six great gift ideas at different price ranges really quickly and easily.

These videos from America’s Test Kitchen and iFixit are two great examples:

Again, each of these videos could be easily replicated by a non-professional. In the case of iFixit, it is a simple video cut with photos of the products mentioned and this can be achieved in most video editing applications. One thing however that would make these videos even better, would be to have the name of the products appear as subtitles underneath, making it easier for people to search for them afterwards.

Example 4 – Tell your Story

If you are selling a product that is synonymous with Christmas gifts – wine, hampers, socks! – you need to make your products seem unique and help them stand out from the crowd. A great way to do this is to tell the story behind the product. Not only does this personalize your products, but it also allows the gift giver something to talk about when they present it – this isn’t any bottle of wine or any basket of cheese! The two videos below are great examples of this and are the perfect videos to share on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and on your online store. You could even have a version playing in your physical store beside a display throughout the holiday season.

Example 5 – Give Inspiration

If you are selling Christmas decorations and accessories, how do you get your wares to stand out in this super competitive market? Land of Nod had the ingenious idea of commissioning blogger Joy Deangdeelert Cho to decorate a home Christmas tree and video the process. On their site, you can watch the video and they have listed all the products used underneath so you can purchase them there and then. Seeing the products used in context and in such a fun and colorful way, definitely makes them more attractive to the consumer.

What is great about this video, it is super easy to replicate for any retailer. There is no voiceover and they simply filmed the decorating of the tree from various angles to keep the pace of the video upbeat and fun. There are tons of royalty-free Christmas tracks out there which cost less than $20, so you don’t have the expense of a soundtrack.

Once you are ready to make your video there are tons of tutorials and blogs to help you with the technical issues of recording your video, improving the lighting and sound, editing the final result and of course sharing it with your customers. You’ll notice all the featured videos above had a few things in common – firstly they are short, most come in at under 2 minutes. Secondly they are simple. They have one or two presenters showing gifts in a relaxed setting. Thirdly the sets are basic, something you could definitely replicate in your store or office. They were lit well, so remember to use all the lights you have to hand. Finally they made the products look attractive and would hopefully entice potential customers to part with their hard-earned cash.

Making a gift guide video may initially seem intimidating, but once you break it down, you can see that it is a really achievable goal and something that could set you apart from your competitors this Holiday Season!

About Catriona Barry

Catriona Barry is one of the founders of, a software development company based in Dublin, Ireland. Their video editing application, trakAxPC, aims to make it easy for beginners to start creating great multimedia content. They have recently launched a dedicated small business website,, to provide small businesses with all the help and resources they need to start creating their own videos regardless of their experience or budget.