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Simplicity at its Best- The Humble Bread and Butter

July 18, 2014
Perfect Short Small Business Videos

Never in my life have I wanted to eat a piece of bread smothered in delicious creamy butter as much I have after watching this video. Here we meet Dan Richer, Chef and Owner of Razza Pizza Artiginale. Dan seems like a really passionate guy and that comes across superbly in this excellent video. Dan does such a good job explaining the process and devotion that goes into creating this dish that I am almost convinced it is the best bread and butter in world without ever tasting it.

I have highlighted below some reasons why I like this video and why I believe it is a success.

Planning The Video

When viewing the video for the first time, I had the feeling I was almost watching three stories in one. It feels an informational video on the bread and butter creation process, as well as a promotional video for the Razza restaurant and a mini-doc following Dan’s journey on how it all came together. Nonetheless the story never gets confused. This is were the planning process has really been successful. The director obviously had a clear idea of how they wanted to present the video and how the story would flow.

Bread & Butter: Razza Pizza Artiginale

A great feature of the video is that there is no professional effects and transitions, just exceptional camera work and editing (see our tips & tricks section for some examples of camera and editing techniques). The reason the video is a success is because they have taken time to plan and storyboard the shoot. There must be at least 50 to 100 fill shots (B-Roll) with each one beautifully shot and adding to the narration. Except for one or two outside shots of the restaurant’s facade, all the footage is capture from within the restaurant. To create a 8 min video with only footage captured inside the restaurant and keep the viewer interested is no mean feat. The director is constantly changing camera angles and height so each new clip is different and interesting. This is why you must have a clear idea of what you want to shoot and how the clips and story will be combined in to a comprehensible video.


“I aspire to be a sushi master of the bread & butter world.”

Although this video is slightly longer than what we usually recommend for a business video, sometimes a story needs to be told and time becomes irrelevant. If the content is interesting and compelling, the viewer will be brought along on the ride.

Bread & Butter: Razza Pizza Artiginale

The main focus of the video is about how Dan has created a specialty bread and homemade butter for his restaurant, however I think it is much more than this. At its heart is a story of a craftsman and his love for his chosen craft. The time he has taken to source locally produced milk, the way the butter is handmade and the organic wheat and rye that goes into making the bread are all testament to this. This story is also telling us that the chef, owner and restaurant values quality and substance over the ordinary and that the eating experience will be exceptional every time. It subconsciously asks us the question, if this is how he treats simple bread and butter, what are the other dishes on the menu going to be like?


For some people, a friendly relaxed tone may come naturally but this is not the case for everybody. Nonetheless, when placed in front of a camera lens, people can become uptight, stressed and lose focus. Dan seems pretty at ease in front of the camera and his relaxed manner and body language really puts the viewer at ease. He also has a pretty infectious laugh which further adds to the laid-back and happy-go-lucky nature of the video and leads one to believe the restaurant will have a similar vibe. Below is a simple rule that should work well for any video, and remember….SMILE! (you can never go wrong with a positive tone and body language):

“Be yourself and tell stories from your perspective. Tell stories from your employees’ points of view or from a third-person point of view. The important thing is to create a persona that enables your audience to become emotionally connected to…”

If any of the Small Business is interested in dipping their toes into the world of video, we’d love them to give trakax a go – all the products are available to try for free and if they have any questions at all, just to drop us a mail, we’re always here to help.

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1 Minute Video to Promote a New Product or Service. The LovinDublin Example.

April 8, 2014

Dublin (where we are based) is going through somewhat of a food revival and when I saw this video today, promoting a new Lunchbox service from LovinDublin, I felt I had to share it. It is one of the best examples I’ve seen lately on how a relatively simple and extremely short video can tell your potential customers more about your product and offering than you could possibly hope that they could absorb by reading your sales pitch.

Here’s the video:

Now there are a few very interesting points to note – firstly the video comes in at 1:06 min. LovinDublin have done a remarkably good job at maintaining their discipline and just telling you the “need to know facts”, while still selling you on their concept.

Secondly, let’s look at the footage used in this video:

  1. Video of Niall Harribson explaining the concept. The video looks like it was filmed in a very nice, but still domestic kitchen setting. Very simple, but it works. Lighting is well done, but definitely achievable. J and L Cuts feature predominately in this video and you can learn more about this editing technique here.
  2. Food Shots. The “LovinBox” changes every week, so they simply filmed some healthy and appealing food being prepared for a Box. I counted around 12 clips used in this process. They weren’t tempted to show lots of different recipes for different boxes, so the filming could be achieved in one session.
  3. Screen Recordings – they recorded a few different shots of their website in action (something like Jing or Camtasia can be used for this)
  4. One Graphic of a Map
  5. Product Shots of the Boxes – these product photos may have been done by a professional, but you can achieve a similar look by creating your own light box. Colm here recently did a tutorial on creating a Lightbox (see it here) and it takes around 30 minutes to assemble.
  6. There is a nice animated graphic of their logo at the start of the video, but I think a simple JPEG of your logo would work just as well.

I know from speaking with lots of small businesses, making a video can appear intimidating, but when you actually break down the different elements of this video, you can see that making something as engaging and compelling as this, is achievable on a small budget and with limited expertise.

Finally, my number one tip – the founder Niall sells you on the product. Never be tempted to use actors or paid people in videos such as these – nobody can never be as passionate about your small business as you are.

The video obviously has worked its magic, as they had sold out of Lovin Boxes by the time I tried to sign up today.

As always, I hope this short article will inspire you to start creating your own small business video and if you need video editing software, be sure to check out trakax.

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One Chicken, 5 videos – Using Online Video to promote any Restaurant.

January 24, 2014

First things first, if you are in the restaurant business you should be thinking about creating media content for your website, blog and/or social media sites. This could be done through written posts or photos, but in the past year, Google search and social media sites have placed greater emphasis on high quality video content being produced and uploaded. If you have not started producing online videos for your site, now is the time to start.

In this post, I have highlighted how you can take one ingredient, a chicken, and make different types of videos around that one product. Using these videos as templates, you can start creating tons of interesting media content using different ingredients and highlight your restaurant’s signature dishes.

The simple Chicken Dish.

How many types of chicken dishes can you think of off the top of your head? There are simply too many to comprehend. Think of all of different global cuisines and cooking styles using chicken – Italian (pasta / pizza), French and English (coq au vin / roasts), Indian and Asian (curries / stir frys), American (BBQ / Fried), etc. The opportunities to highlight the chef’s skills and promote your restaurant at the same time are endless and this is only one ingredient. In this first example, Chef Mark Peel, in a simple interview style video, discusses the thought process and execution behind his crispy flattened chicken. This is a simple 48 second video, but with lovely bright shots of the dish and restaurant. You get a real feel for the place and certainly gives the impression of a light, airy, summery and most importantly, tasty place to eat.

The Signature Dish.

Sometimes you just have to forget about the diet, stop counting calories and indulge yourself. One video that emphasises this point is brought to us by Chef Moore of the ‘Commerce Restaurant’ in New York. Roast Chicken, lots of herb butter, foie gras and butter soaked crouton stuffing, truffle laden mash…wow, a match made in heaven (nearly had to wipe the drool off the keyboard). Again, this is an interview based video but the questions could be asked by any member of staff. Simply set up the camera and tripod and ask the questions that you believe a customer would want to know.

The Comfort Dish.

Have you ever woken up on Sunday morning, after one or two beverages the night before, and just have a craving for calorific comfort food? Definitely in my top 5 foods I crave when slightly hung-over is deep fried chicken. If you have a popular dish in your restaurant that you believe future customers like me may crave, why not highlight it in a video. ‘Plan Check Kitchen and Bar’ has done exactly that. They show how their deep fried chicken gets made, from the prepping stage all the way through to the delivery, while combining it with nice shots of the premises. This is cut with video of Chef Ernesto Uchimura giving us an overview of the whole process.

The Street Food Stall.

The Street food stall has certainly been more of an Asian and American experience up until recently. There seems to be a big movement popping up now in many of the major cities across Europe where fast, high quality street food vendors are producing top notch grub. However, like with street food stalls you may have limited resources, be it money, staff or time and creating a video just doesn’t seem appealing. Why not simply take some photos of cooking, selling and interacting with customers. You could then use an Android app like trakAx MovieExpress which allows you combine all your photos into a video slideshow. You can also add audio, text and record in a narration. One pop-up restaurant who has done something like this is ‘The Orange Buffalo’. Simple photos with a nice voiceover and bobs-your-uncle, you have a great video for Facebook, Twitter, website or Blog.

The Chicken Shop.

Chicken is pretty much popular everywhere. One thing I have noticed in Dublin lately is the growth in rotisserie Chicken restaurants. It has only really caught on here in the last few years but I remember living in Australia 10 years ago and chicken shops were everywhere, rotisserie and Portuguese being the most popular. Here’s a really nice video created for ‘The Chicken Shop’ based in London. This type of video can be used for any sort of restaurant, displaying nice clean shots of the food and kitchen, as well as showing the hustle and bustle of the main floor. It has a fast food vibe but with quality and taste being paramount. Next time I’m in London I’ll certainly be looking out for this place.

To learn more about how to create and produce these types of videos, visit our “Video School” at The website provides tutorials on everything from lighting, camera techniques, editing and production and much more.

Why not try out trakAxPC today. It can be used for all your video editing needs. Take advantage of our special price and – buy trakAxPC today.

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Instagram Menu – An Idea for Restaurants

August 19, 2013
Instagram Menu

When I first saw this video, I thought “What a great idea on how to use Instagram”. It then suddenly dawned on me that not only was this restaurant using Instagram as a social media platform to share customer images of their food, but they also created an online video demonstrating how this idea works. The owners of the Comodo Restaurant are actually using multiple social media platforms and channels to help promote and market their restaurant.

As the tagline goes “People love to Instagram their food”, so the owners decided to use these photos to create a version of their menu on Instagram by simply adding a hashtag next to each of their courses. This way people could decide what to order by searching the hashtag of each course and seeing what other people posted about it. The video also demonstrates how easy it is to share this content online and almost acts like a video tutorial in itself.

With regards to actual editing of the video, they use simple quick cuts without any fades. They have also taken a lot of “Fill Shots” which can lead from one scene into another or can be faded in over a narration. In this video, they have recorded a lot of footage of customers taking photos, close-up of phones and images on the phones, etc. At 0.37 secs, you can see a large collection of images pop up on the screen, this effect can be achieved by using our picture-in-picture effect with trakAxPC.

Remember trakAxPC can be used for all your video editing needs. Take advantage of our special price – buy trakAxPC today..

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Promote your Bar / Pub using Video.

October 25, 2012
Pub & Bar

If I was asked to describe what my perfect Bar or Pub would be, I would automatically think of a place where I can relax and enjoy a conversation and a drink with friends and acquaintances. I also enjoy going to a bar to watch sports and dine on some fresh quality food. Creating a video highlighting your bar’s unique selling points and sharing it on different social media platforms is a great way to build brand awareness and entice new customers through your bar doors.

1. What does your customer want?

If you own bar, ask yourself “what does my customer actually want? Why do they come to my bar? A video which really encompasses this idea is “Mortimer’s Café and Pub”. This bar really knows it’s customers and have dedicated themselves to providing a great service. Straight away one gets a feeling that the bar is a relaxing place to come for some quality food and a nice drink (specials 7 days a week). The video also emphasizes the quality of the bar and food by telling us Mortimer’s was voted “Best Dining on a Budget” and “Best Place to be on a Friday Night”. The video starts with some nice outdoor shots and transitions nicely inside. If you notice, all the available light sources are turned on and the video is shot during the day to help with the lighting (you can learn more about lighting techniques here). Also by looking at each shot, you can the tell script was thought out well as each individual shot coincides with the voice-over and gives a meaning to each shot. Finally, a nice touch at the end is inserting their business logo and address which is essential for any online promotional video. I know for sure I would definitely pay Mortimer’s a visit after watching this video.

2. Unique Selling Points?

This is a short one minute video yet we find out so much about this quirky, artsy Spanish bar “512 Espaço Cultural”. With shots of the unique furniture and stylish art on the walls, you know the conversation will be good and the cocktails chic. With quick edits between shots, the video has a real flow and the upbeat mediterranean soundtrack really adds to the tempo. In a short period of time, we also learn that there is food served on the premises, there is live music and dancing is a must. That’s a lot of info in a minute!

3. Planning your shoot

I really like this video. It was taken in one shot and everything you need to know about the bar is explained in an minute. When creating a video planning is everything and here they have really nailed it. With the logo “Bar & Kitchen & Friends”, this video really encapsulates this ethos as we see friends having a drink, people eating together and the chef preparing quality food. I also really like the fact that the movement from each segment is also in time with the music. The video itself incorporates a lot of fast forward / slow motion which helps with the transitioning between each of these segments. Finally, simple white text also emphasizes and drills home the key points they’re trying to get across.

4. Keep it simple!

When you’re creating your next video, think about different types of videos you can create, so this way you can slowly start to build up a channel on YouTube and Facebook and attract new and existing customers. For example, every week you could create a video for your new drinks promotion, special discount prices or cocktail of the week. If you sell food, again make a video showing your specials or a new dish or menu. The opportunities for video creation are endless and if done right, will only be beneficial to your brand.

Remember trakAxPC can be used for all your video editing needs. Take advantage of our special price – buy trakAxPC today.

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5 Ways to Use Video to promote your Restaurant

October 6, 2012

The restaurant industry has to be one of the most competitive and diverse industries to be a part of. Whether your restaurant is in a major city or a small rural village, how are you going to let potential diners know about your business, style of food and location? Adding a video to your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Google Maps can provide potential customers with an insight to your restaurant, the type of food on the menu, local produce used, unique selling points and of course, your location.

In the videos below, we examine how some restaurants and chefs that have used videos to highlight their business, skills, food, and more importantly to entice diners to their restaurants.

1. Tour of your Restaurant.

Creating an overall video tour of your restaurant will give your patrons an excellent understanding of your business, the style of food, the surroundings, as well as the staff who help make the restaurant work. Here we see a video created for the Guy Savoy restaurant in Paris. In this video, even though it is professionally made, there are a lot of great ideas that can be used in your video production. There are no great tricks or illusions in this video, it is simply well made. Firstly, we see the ingredients being chosen in the market, followed by the cleaning and preparation of the food, the doors open, patrons arrive and the action begins. We see the beautiful shots of the dishes which are the star of the show and finally we see the dedicated team that made it happen. This video highlights that a clean and simple style (both the food and video production) is always the best.

2. Tour of the Menu

Creating a video highlighting your dishes can be great for any restaurant, but it can be especially useful for restaurants which provide speciality foods or ethnic dishes that maybe uncommon in your area. In this example, we see a food and drink tour of Bao Noodles Vietnamese restaurant located in Manhattan, NY. By allowing us to view some of their mouth-watering dishes and cocktails, the potential diner can almost smell and taste the food and will know exactly what to expect if they wish to visit.

3. Unique Selling Points.

What makes you different? What makes your restaurant stand out from the rest? Why not make a video about it? Here we see how two chefs promote their restaurants by highlighting their unique selling points. In the first video, we see Head Chef Ryan Tate of the Savoy restaurant create a beautiful duck dish which uses fresh ducks from his local producer John Fazio. The chef also explains the process of cooking duck properly and why their restaurant believes in working with small farmers.

In the second video, we see something completely different. The Turnberry Resort in Scotland promotes their restaurant by highlighting their unique selling point “the Chef’s Table”. This fun and well made video, which emphasises the delicious food available, as well as the private service and surroundings offered by this “Chef’s Table”.

4. Creating a Dish.

A great way of promoting your restaurant, the chef’s skill and food is to post regular weblogs. These weblogs can include the chef demonstrating how he/she produces their favourite dish, the process involved in creating a new dish, how to make a specific sauce, a particular cooking skill, cooking at a special event, etc. These weblogs will help build brand awareness, as well as highlighting the food on offer and talent of the chef. In this video, we see Chef Paolo Laboa of the Farina Restaurant creating his favourite Pesto Pasta dish. He demonstrates how using simple, fresh ingredients can produce appetising dishes.

Our tip if you are creating a video such as this using one camera, firstly film all the ingredients and then edit them in when necessary. You can also make your videos shorter, between 1 – 3 minutes long, which will help keep the viewer interested.

What you’ll need:

5. Highlight Your Location.

The location of your business is always important as footfall is key to a successful business. But what if your restaurant is in a unique location, like a famous tourist spot / landmark or somewhere different like a stadium or train station? Why not show it off? The Black Pearls Seafood Restaurant is one such example. Located in Brussels Airport, they offer their customers a place to relax in comfort while also providing top class food. This simple 1 minute 30 seconds video clearly shows it’s the “very place you would want to spend a nice time awaiting your flight!”.

What you’ll need to create this types of videos:

Some other videos you may find useful –

Remember trakAxPC can be used for all your video editing needs. Take advantage of our special price – buy trakAxPC today.

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5 Inspirational Videos for your Coffee Shop

August 20, 2012

Following on from our Inspiration Videos for Restaurants, we thought it would be great to show examples of how coffee shops are using video to promote their cafés, their products and their people. If you are a coffee shop owner, you may be thinking “do I really need a video?” or “will a video really help my business?”. We think so.

Coffee drinkers are renowned by being extremely picky when it comes to their favourite brew and some will do tons of research to find the perfect café for their tastes. You also have tourists, business people and visitors, doing searches of local coffee shops to visit (and their services such as WiFi etc.) – what better way to convince them to visit your store than to actually show your café and coffee in a video. Once you have created your video – be sure to check our SEO section and include all your location info, so your video will appear when searched for. You can also add your video to your Google Small Business profile.

Tip 1: Discuss your Product

In this video from London-based Nude Espresso, the owner focuses solely on the coffee and what makes their product exceptional.

On a technical point of view, lots of these shots are using the “Rule of Thirds” something you can easily emulate in your video. You may also notice their logo in top right-hand corner. In trakAxPC, you can now add transparent PNGs to your videos so now you can incorporate your own business logo.

Tip 2: Focus on the Process

To set their coffee shop apart from the mainstream chains that we encounter everyday, The Coffee Foundry’s video focus on their unique roasting process, which is extremely labour intensive, but something your unlikely to see in more conventional shops.

The technical take-away from this video is definitely J and L cuts (the guys describing the roasting process, cut into edits showing the roasting process). Again – this is something you can definitely try for your business video.

Tip 3: Appeal to the Connoisseur

If you’re coffee shop is marketed at the coffee connoisseur, then the video below is definitely for you – these guys take their coffee very seriously!

The production values in this video are obviously really high, but that doesn’t mean that it is something you can not use as inspiration. Firstly this is one of a series of Videos – Espresso, Syphon Coffee and Cappuccino – each video showing a different technique – definitely something you could incorporate. Also the lighting is great. Check out our lighting tips to make the most of what you have in your shop.

Tip 4: Be Different

This video from Muddy Waters Café is so completely wacky that it’s amazing. Definitely sets it apart from all other videos and what’s great, other than the memorable twins (you’ve got to watch it), is that the café looks cosy, kooky and really interesting.

Tip 5: Start your Video before even open

Ok, these guys are so cool that it hurts, but they’ve created a really, really nice video to promote their coffee shop – even before they’ve opened their doors! Creating a video in partnership with their designers, they’re showing what they hope to achieve, how the shop will look and the experience you’ll get at Handsome Coffee.

This is a very accomplished video, but what you can take away is all those cool quick edits. Start getting really comfortable with the trakkutter in trakAxPC to achieve a similar look and feel.

If you’re a coffee shop owner and have some great tips to share, we’d love to hear them. Please just drop us a comment below!

Remember trakAxPC can be used for all your video editing needs. Take advantage of our special price – buy trakAxPC today.

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McDonalds uses Video Marketing to Build Trust

August 6, 2012

I have just finishing reading “Would you like to see how we made our fries with that? Behind McDonalds’S Big Transparency Play” over at Co.Create and thought it was definitely worth sharing.

Here is a synopsis of the article, but the full thing is worth the read:

McDonald’s Canada gambled with a frank question-and-answer-driven social media campaign that has gone on to earn huge publicity and positive reviews. Here, the CMO behind the campaign explains how and why the transparent approach worked.

McDonalds took customers’ questions – some unpleasant- and made videos to give frank answers. See an example below or you can view all of them at the McDonalds YouTube channel:

This video campaign is really interesting on many levels. Firstly by using real McDonalds employees and suppliers, they have created really believable and trustworthy advocates for the brands. Secondly by using video to show the “behind the scenes” footage gives McDonalds the air of transparency and a “nothing to hide” attitude – something that text or brochures simply couldn’t do. Thirdly the interactive nature of the campaign, leveraging social media to both gather the questions and disseminate the answers, is really fun.

However, what I found most interesting is that any business could take elements of this campaign and tailor it to their marketing needs. All you need is a camera, tripod, mic and some simple editing software. Are you in a business where users are confused or intimidated by technical or scientific language / terms / equipment? Perhaps you work in an industry that has garnered bad press for certain practices? Or maybe you simply get asked the same questions over and over again about your business? Having a video on your homepage/Facebook page explaining the problem in a simple, honest and straightforward manner could be the solution to a problem that you have been avoiding.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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