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Using Video to Promote a New Product Line – A near flawless example

May 28, 2014
Super Short Business Videos

Introducing a new product line is one of the most exciting times for any company. You’ve put lots of thought, energy and probably tears into getting this product ready and now it’s time to launch. We’re presuming video marketing will be part of your launch strategy (if not, read our blog post “10 Statistics that prove you should take Video Marketing seriously”), but maybe you need some inspiration on what form this video should take.

Late last week I got an email from introducing their new sofa range with a link to a video. Intrigued, I clicked for more. They’ve created 4 videos to promote their new furniture range and I think these videos come as close to perfection for a product launch that you can get. Below are two videos from the campaign:

Now if you’re a small business with a limited budget, you may be thinking “there’s no way I could recreate something of this standard”. Fair enough – these are professionally produced videos with multiple cameras, professional lighting and sound. However, there are a few key takeaways that will make any business video better.

1. The videos are super short

Both videos I have shown here are 32 seconds. It’s amazing how much detail and info they got into these videos without feeling rushed. You get a great feel from the designers without overloading on info. We have a great article on “What is the Optimal Length for a Business Video?” and research does show that for online promotional videos, your optimal length is somewhere between 30 seconds to a minute.

Interesting Camera Angles

By using interesting camera angles, Fab have made sofas look very interesting. By focusing on smaller details, they can convey the quality of the materials and the richness of the colours and textures.

Interesting Camera Angles

We can have a tendency to use a tripod at eye level, but think about getting low shots and showing your products from various angles to keep the visuals interesting. They have also used interesting camera angles when filming the designers speaking, which keeps the narrative interesting and somewhat unexpected.

Interesting Camera Angles

This Guide from Den Lennie is a great introduction to filming objects from various angles and helps to make inanimate objects more interesting – definitely worth a view.


This soundtrack works well as you almost don’t notice it – you really have to concentrate to make it out, but it gives a good momentum to the videos while not taking away from the narrative in anyway. It ends on a lovely upbeat note and sets a good tone for the whole video without being overly generic.

Combination of Photos and Videos

Obviously you need your products to appeal to a large market and your main set up for your video may not be to the taste of all your visitors. Fab incorporated photos of various decors and styles which were probably taken form their catalogs and website. By adding a subtle pan and zoom, the photos are attractive and show the products in various situations to appeal to the broadest possible audience.


I don’t have any figures to back up the effectiveness of the hashtag used at the end of the video “#happymodern” but it is effective and memorable. From what I could see on Twitter, it has gotten good traction and seems a really interesting way for viewers to interact with Fab on social media.

If I had one negative about the launch campaign is that you could not share the videos directly from their website, which seems a pity as I would have shared them via twitter or Facebook.

Overall I think they have nailed most of the elements you would like to achieve with a launch video – the products look great, the videos are engaging and there has been user interaction via the use of the hashtag. All in all, they are great videos with some key features you can implement into your next video.

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Heath Ceramics – Complete Business Video in Less than 5 Mins

October 22, 2012

This video is for a company larger than we normally feature on our Inspiration section, but I had to include it, as it is a perfect business video in almost every way. Coming in at just 4 and a half minutes, we get to understand the story behind Heath Ceramics, their philosophy, their talented staff, see their beautiful store displays and of course covet their gorgeous products.

They’ve used a lovely Xylophone type soundtrack that works really well. They are lots of examples of J and L Cuts (learn about these here) in the edit and almost all the interviews use the Rule of Thirds – you can easily incorporate these techniques into your video. They’ve used a very simple font for all the titles and kept everything really simple and clean. Love it!

Artisan Videos, Crafts, Inspiration, trakax for Business

Potblack Ceramics – Craft Video Inspiration

January 21, 2012

I saw this video from Milk Bar and had to post it. It is a great example of an craft / artisan video. What makes this video work is that firstly Travis seems like such as nice guy and secondly he is really comfortable in this video. It is a really straight-forward production and something you could definitely try and emulate yourself. You see only glimpses of his products and in a way I think this really works because you are then intrigued to see more after listening to the back story behind them.

On a technical side, you can see that this video uses lots of shots implementing the Rule of Thirds and edits using J and L Cuts