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New Business / Kickstarter Campaign – Tea Company

November 2, 2012
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Following on from our blog “5 Inspiration Videos for your Coffee Shop” I saw this great Tea video and thought it definitely could provide inspiration to start-ups of all kinds.

There were a few things I thought were really notable about this video:

1. Start your video before you’re up and running

In this video, Emilie Holmes gives a wonderful overview of her business, its aspirations and goals and ultimately the final product and they haven’t even launched yet. It’s a great way to get some buzz for your company and although this is a great Kickstarter video, it would work equally as well on Facebook or the company’s homepage.

2. Product Shots

The shots of the tea, which is the main focus of this video, are really well done. You can easily replicate this look by creating a lightbox in your office / home (Click the link to see how we made ours). The link below shows how you can make a lightbox for as little as $2 from a cardboard box, some tissue paper or white cloth and some white paper. A lightbox is a really great piece of equipment if you are taking product shots. The hour or two required to build it will definitely pay off.

How to Create an Inexpensive Photography Lightbox

3. Choice of Fonts

Fonts for Videos

I love the choice in this video. The hand-drawn quality of the font adds to the artisan nature of the products, but the text is still really clear and legible. I have found a few options below of fonts with a similar look and feel and all cost $25 or less:
Happy Cloud:

Looks like Emilie’s video will succeed as a Kickstarter video as they are already really close to their fundraising goal and hope the business is a great success. is created in partnership with trakAxPC – video editing for beginners.

Coffee Shop Videos, Inspiration, Restaurant Videos, trakax for Business

5 Inspirational Videos for your Coffee Shop

August 20, 2012

Following on from our Inspiration Videos for Restaurants, we thought it would be great to show examples of how coffee shops are using video to promote their cafés, their products and their people. If you are a coffee shop owner, you may be thinking “do I really need a video?” or “will a video really help my business?”. We think so.

Coffee drinkers are renowned by being extremely picky when it comes to their favourite brew and some will do tons of research to find the perfect café for their tastes. You also have tourists, business people and visitors, doing searches of local coffee shops to visit (and their services such as WiFi etc.) – what better way to convince them to visit your store than to actually show your café and coffee in a video. Once you have created your video – be sure to check our SEO section and include all your location info, so your video will appear when searched for. You can also add your video to your Google Small Business profile.

Tip 1: Discuss your Product

In this video from London-based Nude Espresso, the owner focuses solely on the coffee and what makes their product exceptional.

On a technical point of view, lots of these shots are using the “Rule of Thirds” something you can easily emulate in your video. You may also notice their logo in top right-hand corner. In trakAxPC, you can now add transparent PNGs to your videos so now you can incorporate your own business logo.

Tip 2: Focus on the Process

To set their coffee shop apart from the mainstream chains that we encounter everyday, The Coffee Foundry’s video focus on their unique roasting process, which is extremely labour intensive, but something your unlikely to see in more conventional shops.

The technical take-away from this video is definitely J and L cuts (the guys describing the roasting process, cut into edits showing the roasting process). Again – this is something you can definitely try for your business video.

Tip 3: Appeal to the Connoisseur

If you’re coffee shop is marketed at the coffee connoisseur, then the video below is definitely for you – these guys take their coffee very seriously!

The production values in this video are obviously really high, but that doesn’t mean that it is something you can not use as inspiration. Firstly this is one of a series of Videos – Espresso, Syphon Coffee and Cappuccino – each video showing a different technique – definitely something you could incorporate. Also the lighting is great. Check out our lighting tips to make the most of what you have in your shop.

Tip 4: Be Different

This video from Muddy Waters Café is so completely wacky that it’s amazing. Definitely sets it apart from all other videos and what’s great, other than the memorable twins (you’ve got to watch it), is that the café looks cosy, kooky and really interesting.

Tip 5: Start your Video before even open

Ok, these guys are so cool that it hurts, but they’ve created a really, really nice video to promote their coffee shop – even before they’ve opened their doors! Creating a video in partnership with their designers, they’re showing what they hope to achieve, how the shop will look and the experience you’ll get at Handsome Coffee.

This is a very accomplished video, but what you can take away is all those cool quick edits. Start getting really comfortable with the trakkutter in trakAxPC to achieve a similar look and feel.

If you’re a coffee shop owner and have some great tips to share, we’d love to hear them. Please just drop us a comment below!

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