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Simplicity at its Best- The Humble Bread and Butter

July 18, 2014
Perfect Short Small Business Videos

Never in my life have I wanted to eat a piece of bread smothered in delicious creamy butter as much I have after watching this video. Here we meet Dan Richer, Chef and Owner of Razza Pizza Artiginale. Dan seems like a really passionate guy and that comes across superbly in this excellent video. Dan does such a good job explaining the process and devotion that goes into creating this dish that I am almost convinced it is the best bread and butter in world without ever tasting it.

I have highlighted below some reasons why I like this video and why I believe it is a success.

Planning The Video

When viewing the video for the first time, I had the feeling I was almost watching three stories in one. It feels an informational video on the bread and butter creation process, as well as a promotional video for the Razza restaurant and a mini-doc following Dan’s journey on how it all came together. Nonetheless the story never gets confused. This is were the planning process has really been successful. The director obviously had a clear idea of how they wanted to present the video and how the story would flow.

Bread & Butter: Razza Pizza Artiginale

A great feature of the video is that there is no professional effects and transitions, just exceptional camera work and editing (see our tips & tricks section for some examples of camera and editing techniques). The reason the video is a success is because they have taken time to plan and storyboard the shoot. There must be at least 50 to 100 fill shots (B-Roll) with each one beautifully shot and adding to the narration. Except for one or two outside shots of the restaurant’s facade, all the footage is capture from within the restaurant. To create a 8 min video with only footage captured inside the restaurant and keep the viewer interested is no mean feat. The director is constantly changing camera angles and height so each new clip is different and interesting. This is why you must have a clear idea of what you want to shoot and how the clips and story will be combined in to a comprehensible video.


“I aspire to be a sushi master of the bread & butter world.”

Although this video is slightly longer than what we usually recommend for a business video, sometimes a story needs to be told and time becomes irrelevant. If the content is interesting and compelling, the viewer will be brought along on the ride.

Bread & Butter: Razza Pizza Artiginale

The main focus of the video is about how Dan has created a specialty bread and homemade butter for his restaurant, however I think it is much more than this. At its heart is a story of a craftsman and his love for his chosen craft. The time he has taken to source locally produced milk, the way the butter is handmade and the organic wheat and rye that goes into making the bread are all testament to this. This story is also telling us that the chef, owner and restaurant values quality and substance over the ordinary and that the eating experience will be exceptional every time. It subconsciously asks us the question, if this is how he treats simple bread and butter, what are the other dishes on the menu going to be like?


For some people, a friendly relaxed tone may come naturally but this is not the case for everybody. Nonetheless, when placed in front of a camera lens, people can become uptight, stressed and lose focus. Dan seems pretty at ease in front of the camera and his relaxed manner and body language really puts the viewer at ease. He also has a pretty infectious laugh which further adds to the laid-back and happy-go-lucky nature of the video and leads one to believe the restaurant will have a similar vibe. Below is a simple rule that should work well for any video, and remember….SMILE! (you can never go wrong with a positive tone and body language):

“Be yourself and tell stories from your perspective. Tell stories from your employees’ points of view or from a third-person point of view. The important thing is to create a persona that enables your audience to become emotionally connected to…”

If any of the Small Business is interested in dipping their toes into the world of video, we’d love them to give trakax a go – all the products are available to try for free and if they have any questions at all, just to drop us a mail, we’re always here to help.

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Give, give again, and give some more! Using “How to” videos to build your audience.

April 28, 2014
How to Videos - Knitting

In March I got the chance to hear a talk by Gary Vaynerchuk at SXSW. His enthusiasm is infectious and we even ended up buying one of his books, “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” (it’s a good marketing read with lots of real life examples). He has lots of interesting points to make in regards to online marketing, but one quote  that has stayed with me is “We should give, give again, and give some more before ever asking for anything from our community.”

Another interesting quote from Gary’s book is “Your story needs to move people’s spirits and build their goodwill, so that when you finally do ask them to buy from you, they feel like you’ve given them so much it would be almost rude to refuse.” 

I loved this idea, but it’s finding practical ways to implement these ideas that’s important. If you have a small business, how can you give interesting content to your users to “hook” them?

The “how to” video has been popular for a long time and it’s  a great way to connect with your audience, build traffic to your site and ultimately help drive sales. Once of the best examples I’ve seen lately is for a new site “Sheep & Stitch”. This is a knitting site, where owner Davina sells knitting patterns. On the site, Davina has put together a range of “Learn How to Knit” videos. Now I am sure there are quite a few of these type of videos on YouTube, but Sheep & Stitch has done a few things differently. Watch the video below for an example.

There are a few interesting takeaways from these videos:

1. They are super short.

The videos range from 1 minute to 3 minutes – you can watch the whole thing without getting distracted and consume a few videos in one sitting. Each video is limited to one topic -“How to Cast on” etc. so you aren’t overwhelmed with information.

2. Clean and Simple Look

"How to" Videos

From the typography used to the clean white background – the videos give a slick look to a craft that can sometimes seem to be fusty. You can give your videos a clean white background by creating your own lightbox – see instructions here.

If you don’t have many fonts on your PC, check out this really useful link – 10 standout free fonts for headlines and titles – not only are the fonts really nice, but the examples of their use, should give you some ideas on how to craft your titles.

3. Use of YouTube Annotations

YouTube Annotations

In YouTube you can link from your video to another video within YouTube or link to your Subscribe Button. Sheep & Stitch has done this very effectively in their videos.  Creating Annotations in YouTube is relatively simple and is done from the YouTube video manager – here are some instructions. What Sheep & Stitch have done at the end of their videos is to show the next video in the series (you can achieve this look in trakaxPC by using a Collage / Picture-in-Picture effect ) and then added another graphic asking you to Subscribe to their channel. These are simple additions to your video to keep your viewers engaged (actually something we need to add more often!).

In your business, think of areas where you feel your customer would benefit from some help and guidance – this initially can seem counter-intuitive if it is the service you are trying to sell. The important point about this type of marketing is to think of what would actually assist your customer, rather than what you are trying to sell. If you get it right and build trust with the user, the sales should flow organically from this.

If you created videos for your small businesses and would like to feature them on our site, please get in touch through the comments. Would really love to see them.

As always, I hope this short article will inspire you to start creating your own small business video and if you need video editing software, be sure to check out trakax.

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Heath Ceramics – Complete Business Video in Less than 5 Mins

October 22, 2012

This video is for a company larger than we normally feature on our Inspiration section, but I had to include it, as it is a perfect business video in almost every way. Coming in at just 4 and a half minutes, we get to understand the story behind Heath Ceramics, their philosophy, their talented staff, see their beautiful store displays and of course covet their gorgeous products.

They’ve used a lovely Xylophone type soundtrack that works really well. They are lots of examples of J and L Cuts (learn about these here) in the edit and almost all the interviews use the Rule of Thirds – you can easily incorporate these techniques into your video. They’ve used a very simple font for all the titles and kept everything really simple and clean. Love it!

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5 Inspirational Videos For Your Jewellery Shop.

September 21, 2012
21-09-2012 13-29-30

I was recently talking to a man who owned a jewellery shop in the same complex as our office. He described how their main focus was usually on designing jewellery, however with the downturn in the economy a lot of their business was now in jewellery repair and cleaning. He was saying how he was completely new to social media and only recently was getting involved with online promotion. I asked him had he ever thought of using video to promote his company and he replied that they had just recently completed a video highlighting how they clean and repair rings. This gave me the idea to provide some more inspirational videos displaying how you can use different types of online videos to promote your company, products and services.

1. Promoting your Company and Services.

Baroque, a bespoke jewellers based in the heart of Brighton, have created this lovely video highlighting their business, products and services. Even though this is a very competitive marketplace, the video demonstrates the uniqueness or “bespoke” quality of their jewellery and you really get a feeling for their passion and experience. It may only be a 4 minute video, but you can see there are loads of “Fill Shots” (mentioned in previous posts) which gives a sense of a busy, bustling workshop. They also use a wide range of camera shots from long, close-up to macro and use simply cut edits to move from one scene to the next. And of course, they use J and L cuts which can be incorporated easily in to your video.

1. Highlight Your Products.

I really like this video. Even though it professionally made, it is a video that anyone can reproduce with a little bit of planning. That is the key to this video, planning. When you watch the video, you can see that each separate section runs in to each other using a specific transition like the dropping of a feather suddenly becomes a pen or the falling of sugar becomes the falling of sand. Before you begin recording your video, spend some time thinking about how you want to highlight your products and want shots you will use to demonstrate this. The video is less than two minutes but you get see a lot of rings in their natural settings which I think is a great way to show off your jewellery.

3. Gift Wrapped.

This 45 second video is a prefect online promotional video. It keeps the user engaged and also provides an insight to their product, the service they provided and the time and care they take to make that expensive gift extra special. They use their gift bag at the end to present their business logo and reasserts the name “Astley Clarke”. I think the major factor in this video with regards to production is the lighting. It’s spot on. The use of candles and soft yellow lights gives the video a real warm and inviting feeling. Finally, they cut the video between two different angles, one from the top and one from the side. This helps give the video a flow and stops it from becoming monotonous if continuously shot from the same angle.

4. Interview in a Specialized Area.

An interview is great way to introduce yourself and let people know what you do and build up a relationship with your customers. It’s even better if you have a specialized skill or technique which the general public might not even know exists. Mike Shorer is a 7th generation Goldsmith and the video provides an insight into how he makes reproduction jewellery, from moulds of artifacts that his father made over a 40 year period. This video uses all the techniques as described in our Video School, including the rule of thirds and lighting techniques (including three-point lighting and the key light). You can see at the start of the video they use a large window in the top right of the screen as the Key Light. This will balanced out by having a Fill light on the opposite side to stop the shadows from being to strong. To learn more about light techniques, please view our lighting lesson.

5. Customer Testimonials.

Endorsements in your videos and on your website from current customers will certainly help reassure new ones. It is also a sure fire way to help increase sales and promote your company in a positive light. This video really confirms these points and one feels by visiting Anania Jewellers, you would indeed get an excellent service. You can tell that the customers enjoyed their experience and didn’t feel pushed in to anything or were over sold to (which can be a big turn off). In the video, the lighting is well done without being overly professional and the use of Lavaliere microphones give a crisp clear sound to the video.

Bonus Video.

Highlighting your work.

This is the video that was created by the company that is located in our complex (I feel obliged to help promote another small business, especially who are located so close). The company is called In the video, they run you through the process of resizing a ring, as well as showing you how they clean and polish it up. Videos like these are a great way to get your business name out there and start to build some brand recognition. And remember if you have a business logo, place in your video.

Why not try out trakAxPC today. It can be used for all your video editing needs. Buy trakAxPC today.

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Inspiration Video – Handmade and Artisan Products

July 25, 2012
25-07-2012 12-37-56

One of my favourite channels for getting inspiration for small business videos is the Etsy Channel on Vimeo – what all the videos have in common is that they all feature products and services that have a unique feel and often are handmade.

I recently watched a video for Alabama Chanin, which is a clothing company focusing on limited edition pieces which are completely hand-sewn. Obviously this labor-intensive method, means that the clothes are extremely high-end and consequently expensive. However, after watching the video about Alabama Chanin, you realise that firstly the brand is more than just clothes, it is a statement about quality, community and craftmanship and secondly, it makes you reevaluate the concept of luxury. I think any small manufacturer or artisan can take alot from this video – namely:

  • Sometimes your story is more interesting that the actual product – if you are directly impacting lives in your community by providing employment, this can be a selling point – especially if it is in traditional crafts that people appreciate
  • Focus on the craft involved in making your product – close ups of hands at work – the intricacy involved
  • Help your potential customer understand why the product costs what it does – the source materials, the hand crafted element, the uniqueness of the products, the hours put it, the start and end point etc.

Watch the Alabama Chanin Video here

This is of course a beautifully made video, but there are lots of things that you can replicate yourself in your own business or workshop.

Point 1  – Use the Rule of Thirds

To learn more about the Rule of Thirds, see this Tips and Tricks Article

Point 2  – Keep Fonts Simple and Clean

If you are using text to identify people, places or as further explanation, keep the fonts clean and simple – don’t be tempted to reach for the Comic Sans! Use a nice clear elegant Font. It is important to use a Font which can be easily read by the viewer. If you don’t have any fonts which you believe are good enough, we would highly recommend investing in some as it will greatly enhance your videos look. We would suggest visiting a site like where they are a range of affordable and professional fonts. These fonts can give great results and will give a clear and clean look to your video.

(To learn about adding Text to your video using trakAxPC, see the tutorial here).

Point 3  – Use Collaging to Show Multiple Products

If you want to show multiple products, but don’t want to make your video too long, use collaging (or picture-in-picture) to show multiple products simultaneously.

Watch the video tutorials here to learn about to implement the collage effect with trakAxPC.

If you’ve seen a particulary great artisan video or have your own tips on how to create the perfect video for a small business, please share them below!

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Potblack Ceramics – Craft Video Inspiration

January 21, 2012

I saw this video from Milk Bar and had to post it. It is a great example of an craft / artisan video. What makes this video work is that firstly Travis seems like such as nice guy and secondly he is really comfortable in this video. It is a really straight-forward production and something you could definitely try and emulate yourself. You see only glimpses of his products and in a way I think this really works because you are then intrigued to see more after listening to the back story behind them.

On a technical side, you can see that this video uses lots of shots implementing the Rule of Thirds and edits using J and L Cuts