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Using Video to promote a Mobile Application.

June 20, 2013
Mobile app

As we’re a software company making mobile apps, sometimes we have to create videos to highlight how our software works and in what situations it can be used. Often this leads to discussions on how is the best way to present your software so users and potential clients will understand the concept on why you developed the software and how it actually works. The two example videos I have added below demonstrate how you can create an excellent visual experience for the viewer, as well as highlighting the key features of your software.

The feature I like most about both these videos is the way you see exactly what the person/camera is seeing. This type of shot is called a “point on view” shot (POV). With this type of shot you almost feel like you are in the video itself and get a great insight into the how to navigate around the app and how it looks and feels. This type of shot is very achievable with any type of camera, for example, you could use a GoPro camera and simply attach to a head mount.

Another charactistic I like about the videos is the way they tell a story. They do not overpower the video with too many shots of the actually application in use, instead they focus on the key features so the viewer can quickly comprehend what they are seeing and how it works in real life situations.

So remember, next time you embark on a video project, have a look around vimeo and other video sharing sites for inspiration and take points on how the video is edited and the type of shots used in the production.

We have a new video creation application coming out shortly on Android called trakAx MovieExpress. To learn more about our exciting application, click HERE.

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