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Kickstart your Business with video

March 15, 2013
minicblox 2

Online video is a great way to promote your products and services, but using video can also be a terrific way to kickstart the funding for your Business or small start-up. In recent years, Crowdfunding websites like Kicktarter, Fundit, IndieGoGo, etc. have become a vital resource for inventors and entrepreneurs to help find funding quickly, so they can grow and develop their product or idea and make it into a reality. Crowdfunding, at its simplest, is explaining and demonstrating your product or idea to a large group people. You then ask them to invest in your business (it can be as little as $1 to thousands), and in return you can provide them with your product (before it’s released to members of the public) or give them a share percentage of your business.

One such company that used Kickstarter to help fund their project development was Cablox. Cablox is a cable organizer that sticks underneath your desk or behind your home entertainment center and keeps your cables tidy and organized. They are using Kickstarter to help manufacture their MiniCablox which is a smaller compact version. However, with Kickstarter and other sites you need to include a video to explain and demonstrate your product or idea. With this in mind, Soren Jensen from Cablox, turned to trakAxPC software to help create his super easy introduction video. You can see the video quickly helps to explain their product and its many uses. They were also able to add their company logo, as well as promote their brand. What’s even better, they raised the money to begin manufacturing their MiniCablox.

The video is embedded on the Kickstarter website, so head over to watch the video by clicking on the link below, (you could even sponsor them for a $1).

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