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Excellent Fitness Promo Video (Increase After Christmas Sales)

December 19, 2012
Promotional Videos for small gyms

With the Christmas fast approaching, people will soon be filling up on Christmas dinners, chocolates and pudding. Now is a great time to create a quick promotional video of your gym and facilities to help entice those post Christmas clients. It can also be a great way to seduce active members into renewing their memberships.

Here, I’ve provided an excellent example of a business using video to help promote a new concept and demonstrate the actually product in use. The National Fitness Campaign’s fitness court is a workout area which is low-cost, open-air and can be assembled on-site in just half a day. “The idea is that any community could set up, customize, or relocate a gym in a public space–without any money at all. Communities can actually request a gym to arrive for free, and locals needn’t buy memberships.” This would be then be subsidized by a business or corporation who would be able to advertise on the court, as well as earn some brownie points with the community.

The video itself is very simple and shouldn’t intimidate any first time filmmaker. It’s high tempo, with fast edits and scenes of people doing various exercises. It also shows a variety of ages working out, highlighting the fact it can be used by everyone. There are shots of all the equipment in use which demonstrates to users what they can expect to find and the type of workouts they can achieve. To make things more interesting, simply move the camera and take shots of the same person working on a piece of equipment from different angles or capture simple shots of their hands or feet moving. Why not give it a go yourself and see if you can help increase your sales with online video. What have you got to lose!

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