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Video Tips & Ideas for Hair and Beauty Salons

November 14, 2012

The Hair & Beauty business is a great example of a highly competitive industry which can really benefit from the implementation of online promotional videos. Video, compared to written brochures, is an excellent medium to show potential clients first-hand exactly the type of services and products you provide, as well as showcasing your experience, expertise, facilities and location. As most Hair and beauty salons offer a large variety of treatments, it gives you many opportunities to create multiple videos and really build your online brand and profile.

1. The Company Overview.

This is a great example of a short promotional video that any new or novice video producer could be able to achieve. The video starts with some simple footage of the shop’s exterior including some close-up shots of the name, website address and telephone number. We are then introduced to Lauren King who gives us some background information on the business and then describes the multitude of services they offer. There is a simple narration describing the services with the video footage demonstrating some of the products that will be used during the process.

All the techniques contained in this video are covered in our Video School section of this site. For example, at the start and end of the video when Lauren is talking directly to the camera, she is positioned to the right of the camera. This is a technique called the Rule of Thirds. A key aspect of the video is also the use of a tripod. There are quiet a few shots which incorporate a pan. This type of shot is easily achieved by attaching your camera to a stable tripod and moving it slowly from side to side. To learn more about using tripods, visit our Camera Techniques lesson.

2. Running a Promotion/Competition.

Here is a nice video created with trakAxPC by one of our users, Marcos Castro, who created this promotional video for Pedro Sousa Hairdressers. The video was created to highlight the “Customer of the Month” promotion running within the salon. This kind of idea is great for any small business as you can reward customers for their loyalty, receive customer testimonials, as well as promote and advertise your company on your blog or social media sites.

One thing to take notice of in this video is the lighting. When you are recording footage in a shop like this, be sure to take a couple of test shots to check the lighting and turn on as many lights as possible. For example, there is a scene when the woman walks through the door into the shop. The shot is quite dark and it is hard to make out the figures. It is advisable not to shoot towards the direction of the sunlight. It is always better to have the sunlight on your back or to your side. To learn more lighting, visit our Lighting Basics lesson.

3. Create a “How-To” Video.

If you work for yourself or are struggling to get your brand name recognized and people through the door, why not try and create some how-to video tutorials. This is a great way to showcase your skills and expertise and give confidence to potential clients that you will do a great job. This video can be super simple to make as you can easily set-up your camera and tripod and work on the customer while talking directly to camera.

There are two main features we can take from this video. The first is a technique we call J and L cuts. These specific edits are used multiple times in this video and are used in nearly every video which contain narrations. We see a great example of a J Cut (Audio Advance) at the very beginning of this video. The video starts with Rob cutting some hair and an introduction narration (Rob’s voice). A few seconds later, the accompanying video to the narration enters the frame (Rob talking to camera). The second important feature we can take from video is the use of a lapel microphone. We can easily see Rob’s mic attached to his shirt. This gives you extra security that the audio quality will good (no matter where you are positioned in the shot) and the video will sound professional.

4. Customer Testimonials (B2B/B2C).

If you have products which you are trying to sell directly to a business or customer, for example a new range of shampoos or take-home treatments, why not create some testimonial videos showing real people endorsing them. Testimonials are a great way to build trust and confidence with potential clients. Easydry International is one such company using these types of videos to promote and highlight their pioneering eco-friendly disposable towel products. In the video, we see a couple of different salon owners explaining their decisions for switching over to the eco-friendly towel products and the advantages they’ve gained. This type of video may require some planing as you may have to go to different locations where lighting and other issues may surface. However, you could easily set-up an area in your own salon and record footage of your customers who have had treatments or purchased products. Make sure you also have enough “Fill Shots” of the treatment or product being used.

5. Build a Strong YouTube Channel.

Rolfs Salon, based in Arizona, is a great example of a small business who’s really embraced online marketing videos. By creating promotional videos like the one’s on Rolfs Official YouTube channel, you can begin to build up content for your own YouTube and Facebook channel and start developing an online presence and improving your search results. Rolfs Channel has tons of great video content which anyone could try to implement. On their channel, they have also included some important information such as their website address, Facebook and Twitter address, as well as information on the company. They have also split their videos into playlists such as How-To videos and Events so viewers can quickly find what they’re looking for.

When you’re adding your videos to YouTube, remember to add important SEO features which can help your video get the highest search ranking possible. Some of these features include adding keywords to your video title and description and be sure to fill in all the fields such as tags, keywords, location, etc. To learn more about adding SEO features to your video, click here.

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