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October 25, 2012
Pub & Bar

If I was asked to describe what my perfect Bar or Pub would be, I would automatically think of a place where I can relax and enjoy a conversation and a drink with friends and acquaintances. I also enjoy going to a bar to watch sports and dine on some fresh quality food. Creating a video highlighting your bar’s unique selling points and sharing it on different social media platforms is a great way to build brand awareness and entice new customers through your bar doors.

1. What does your customer want?

If you own bar, ask yourself “what does my customer actually want? Why do they come to my bar? A video which really encompasses this idea is “Mortimer’s Café and Pub”. This bar really knows it’s customers and have dedicated themselves to providing a great service. Straight away one gets a feeling that the bar is a relaxing place to come for some quality food and a nice drink (specials 7 days a week). The video also emphasizes the quality of the bar and food by telling us Mortimer’s was voted “Best Dining on a Budget” and “Best Place to be on a Friday Night”. The video starts with some nice outdoor shots and transitions nicely inside. If you notice, all the available light sources are turned on and the video is shot during the day to help with the lighting (you can learn more about lighting techniques here). Also by looking at each shot, you can the tell script was thought out well as each individual shot coincides with the voice-over and gives a meaning to each shot. Finally, a nice touch at the end is inserting their business logo and address which is essential for any online promotional video. I know for sure I would definitely pay Mortimer’s a visit after watching this video.

2. Unique Selling Points?

This is a short one minute video yet we find out so much about this quirky, artsy Spanish bar “512 Espaço Cultural”. With shots of the unique furniture and stylish art on the walls, you know the conversation will be good and the cocktails chic. With quick edits between shots, the video has a real flow and the upbeat mediterranean soundtrack really adds to the tempo. In a short period of time, we also learn that there is food served on the premises, there is live music and dancing is a must. That’s a lot of info in a minute!

3. Planning your shoot

I really like this video. It was taken in one shot and everything you need to know about the bar is explained in an minute. When creating a video planning is everything and here they have really nailed it. With the logo “Bar & Kitchen & Friends”, this video really encapsulates this ethos as we see friends having a drink, people eating together and the chef preparing quality food. I also really like the fact that the movement from each segment is also in time with the music. The video itself incorporates a lot of fast forward / slow motion which helps with the transitioning between each of these segments. Finally, simple white text also emphasizes and drills home the key points they’re trying to get across.

4. Keep it simple!

When you’re creating your next video, think about different types of videos you can create, so this way you can slowly start to build up a channel on YouTube and Facebook and attract new and existing customers. For example, every week you could create a video for your new drinks promotion, special discount prices or cocktail of the week. If you sell food, again make a video showing your specials or a new dish or menu. The opportunities for video creation are endless and if done right, will only be beneficial to your brand.

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