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One Man Band – Video for Craftsmen / Tradesmen

October 24, 2012
Mick Pierce SurfBoard

Are you a craftsman or tradesman who works on their own and are out of ideas for making a video? Why not create a video on what you’re good at, creating a product! In this super simple video, we see Mick Pierce doing what he does best, creating a surfboard from scratch.

This video is only 30 seconds long, yet we get a great insight into the skill and finesse the man has. If you work a lot with your hands, there are some quick tips you can take from this video. Most of the shots are simply of Mick’s hands working with his tools and the board. There are some close-up shots of the hands interspersed with some medium to long shots of the workplace. The soundtrack also gives a sense of calm and adds to a mood of tranquility. It also gives the feeling that Mick really enjoys what he is doing. If you’re in need of some relaxing and soothing sounds, you can check out some chilled out loops and beats here.

Finally, I really like the last shot with the tagline “Made, Not Manufactured”. This really emphasizes the handmade / bespoke quality of the product and allows customers to connect to the person and the product their buying. See if you can come with a tagline that highlights your beliefs and values that customers can identify and relate with.

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