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The SlingShot: A Double Duty Phone Grip and Tripod

September 25, 2012
The Slingshot Tripod

With the SlingShot you can follow MacGyver’s lead and shoot stable video with a free hand to open a sealed safe containing deadly explosives. The slip-proof cradle holds on tight to your phone for those hard-to-get shots, like when you’re dangling over a cliff to save your partner.

Best part: It only costs $20.00 and it’s flexible enough to hold any smartphone, from the new iPhone 5 to the oldest Android (with or without a case too)!

Use the ball head mount to position your phone at almost any angle or unscrew the phone cradle from the grip to use it on a tripod you already own. Keep it all together and fold out the legs (they’re tucked away in the handle) into a tabletop tripod.

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