Lesson 4 – Video SEO Part 1 – Using trakAxPC

Lesson 4 – Video SEO Part 1 – Using trakAxPC

SEO is an inexpensive way to help websites get more page views by creating webpages that rank highly in search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization can be defined as “a technique used to make webpages more useful for customers while making them more transparent and understandable to search engines”. Using Video SEO works the same way. For small businesses, attracting and gaining loyal customers may seem daunting and expensive. Small business owners maybe asking themselves; do I need to spend lots of money on a marketing budget? Do I need an expensive advert to get my company seen? The simple answer is No. By using some of the simple ideas, techniques and tips provided in these videos, you too can harness the powerful effects of Video SEO and improve your video views and search rankings.

Topics Covered

Implementing SEO using trakAxPC

When exporting a file in trakAxPC, there are some basic but important elements you can use to boost your video’s SEO.

Selecting a Target Frame Size

Select the highest quality resolution for your exported file, for example select “YouTube HD” from the Target Frame Size drop down menu in the Mixing Screen.

File Name

Give your file a relevant file name and always include descriptive Metadata in your file.

Including Metadata

Adding Metadata to your video file is extremely important. Metadata is loosely defined as data providing information about one or more other pieces of data. For example: A video may include metadata that describes how large the video is, the frame rate, when the video was created, who created it, title of the video and other data.

Uploading a File to YouTube through trakAxPC

Once you have finished exporting and optimising your video file, you can upload it to YouTube directly through trakAxPC. During this upload process, you can add some additional SEO features which will help with your VSEO and ranking on YouTube.

Optimising a File for YouTube

Before your file is uploaded to YouTube, you can enter important SEO keywords into the “Upload to YouTube” window, which will help increase the visibility of your video and improve its ranking on search engines.

Title Field

Enter a relevant keyword-rich Title. Use words which will help search engines understand the content of the video.

Description Field

The first piece of text you should enter in the description field is your company’s URL. Include a brief optimised introduction which describes your video and if you wish, include a text transcript of the video.


Add words which you believe will make it easier for potential customers and search engines to find and understand your video’s content.


Select a category which best suites your style of video.

Remember trakAxPC can be used for all your video editing needs. Start promoting your Business online today – buy trakAxPC for just $39.95.

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