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Making your First Online Video – What you need to know.

July 24, 2012

Nobody knows your business likes you. Nobody is as passionate about your business as you – you’re selling everyday, so bring that passion to your website using video. Using our video tutorials in combination with trakAxPC, we show you step-by-step how to create simple, but effective videos that highlight and promote your products and services – even with a tiny budget!

To start making a video you’ll need the access to the following (remember you can always borrow some of these items):

Before you start recording your video, you may want to follow the steps below:

  • Watch the video tutorials on how to light your video using equipment you will have at home or in your office and basic camera techniques to get a feeling for what type of shots work (and what don’t!)
  • Make a plan
  • Get Inspiration

Making a Plan

The first thing you should think about is what message you want the video to convey. You want your video to be short – aim for around 2/3 minutes (although often you may go over this slightly, shorter is almost always better). So bearing this in mind you want your video to be short, edit down your ideas – one video does not have to cover everything you offer (that’s what a YouTube channel is for!).

  • Are you a new business looking to promote your company and services?
  • Are you releasing a new product or highlighting a new promotion?

Once you understand the message you would like to convey to potential clients, you can begin writing and developing a script and topics to be covered. Sketch down your ideas as bullet points – they could be something like:

  • Quick Intro to the Business – who are you?
  • What is the service or product you are offering?
  • What’s the cost / what’s involved  / special offer for YouTube customers?
  • How do customers find you and get in touch – phone number / web address /email / facebook etc.

Get Inspiration

Before you start your video, it’s great to look at what’s out there. Check out our Inspiration pages or visit businesses similar to yours on YouTube and Vimeo to see what videos work really well in your market sector. Although some of the videos you view may have some professional touches outside your budget or know-how, you will always pick up tips on how to best stage your video, what content is truly compelling, what camera shots look well and how are businesses selling their products through online videos. Are they doing straight-forward product demos, are they focusing on building customer trust through tutorials and helpful advice videos? What tone of voice are they using – are they speaking directly to camera or using an interview style video? Take notes where possible and integrate these ideas into your plan.

Recording Your Video

After watching our video tutorials and making a plan, you’re now ready to start recording your video. A great thing to consider while filming is what is sometimes called “Fill Shots”.  “Fill Shots” are shots which can lead from one scene into another or can be faded in over a narration. We have found you can never really have enough “fill shots” and this is the footage that plays while your narration plays in the background  – so this could be your product in action, an example of your service etc. – always take slightly more than you think you’ll need as invariably your will have made a mistake somewhere, taken a bad angle etc.. Please see this article for more information on Fill Shots.

Editing and Production

Now that your video is recorded, it’s time to put it together. We’ve put together and in depth video tutorial on how to edit your video to produce a slick professional-looking business video –

Share your Video with the World

Finishing the video is really just the beginning of this whole process – you now have to get eyeballs on it! We have put together two videos to help you optimise your video’s SEO (that stands for Search Engine Optimisation or basically how to get found on YouTube and Google). To learn more, watch these video tutorials here –

So this may all seem like a lot of work and may initially seem daunting. However, we have found that if you can dedicate one half day to filming and another half day to editing, you can create something really special – even on your first time. Take the video we created with the girls from the  Bridal Lounge, we recorded 2 hours in the morning and another 2 hours in the afternoon on a location with them. We spent approx. 4.5 hours editing this video. Definitely worth the effort! If you need convincing, check out this article in the New York Times, which gives the bottom line results of adding video to your marketing arsenal.

As always, if you need more information on anything in this article, have questions on using trakAxPC or just want to leave some feedback, please contact us using the form below – we look forward to hearing your comments.

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