Lesson 2 – Understanding camera techniques in video production

Lesson 2 – Understanding camera techniques in video production

Understanding some basic camera techniques is vital when trying to create professional online marketing videos. In this video, we will explain some of the current camera settings (1080p, 720x60fps, etc.) you may find on affordable camcorders and demonstrate each setting in use.

We also explain how you can set up different types of microphones and show some examples of inexpensive and expensive microphones in use. Finally, we will demonstrate how to set up and use a tripod and will highlight some basic camera techniques that will help give your video that professional look.

Topics Covered:

Camcorder Settings

Explanation and demonstration of settings you may find on most modern affordable camcorders. These settings include 1080p (Full HD), 720x60fps, 720x30fps, WVGA, Photo option, Macro setting.

Types of Microphones

Demonstrating two types of microphones, one inexpensive and one expensive. The Sony ECM-T6 Sony Tie Tac Lavaliere Microphone which is suitable for business and home videos and the AKG c1000s microphone which is a professional microphone and is perfect for all types of sound recording (Reasonably priced microphones available from Amazon.com)


Explanation of features on a tripod and demonstration of one in use. If you are creating a video for your small business, it is essential that you invest in a tripod. Tripods assure you of a steady and clean looking video and are available at affordable prices from Amazon.com. Features covered include improving stabilisation and panning smoothly (Horizontally and vertically), expanding legs and neck for varied height and understanding the balance indicator. Make sure all sections of the tripod are locked before you add and lock the camera to your tripod.

Camera Techniques

Explanation and demonstration of basic some camera techniques called Nose Room / Lead room and the Rule of thirds.

  • Nose room, also known as lead room, is the area or space in front of a moving or stationary subject. Nose room is a very important camera technique as it provides the viewers with a sense of distance or direction to where the subject is facing. For example, a moving subject is often shot with nose room to signify that it is moving in a certain direction
  • The rule of thirds – When creating your video, this tip will be helpful when placing a person in different screen positions. By using the rule of thirds, you will make the shot more interesting by either placing your subject in the first or last third of the screen

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