Lesson 3 – Video Editing & Production Techniques

Lesson 3 – Video Editing & Production Techniques

Learning some basic editing tips and techniques will greatly improve your final production. In this video, we demonstrate how to implement some of these basic techniques which will help give small business videos that professional look.

These techniques and tips are easy to understand and once you have tried them out for yourself, you will notice the improvement in the final creation and the benefits they can achieve.

Topics Covered

J and L Cuts

Firstly, we demonstrate how you can implement J and L cuts into your video production. J and L cuts can also be called “audio advance” (J Cut) or “video advance” (L Cut). An audio advance cut is where you can hear the audio before you see the accompanying video and a video advance cut is the opposite.


This is a very useful tool for editing and creating exact cuts of your video footage. Amongst other features, we demonstrate how to cut out a section of the video file or the audio or video section separately, speeding up or slowing down video footage, controlling the volume, resizing the image and more.


Video transitions play an important role in video production; however misuse of them can lead to a cluttered and dishevelled video. Our tip is not to overdo the use of transitions. Implementing video transitions and effects is a simple process as demonstrated in this video.


Text plays an important role as nearly all business videos will at some point need to include Text. Here we demonstrate how to add text to a video production. A great tip to help your video have the cleanest possibly look is to use a nice clear elegant font. It is important to use a font which can be easily read by the viewer.

Important Tip – A great tip to help your video have the cleanest possibly look is to use a nice clear elegant Font. It is important to use a Font which can be easily read by the viewer. If you don’t have any fonts which you believe are good enough, we would highly recommend investing in some as it will greatly enhance your videos look. We would suggest visiting a site like myfonts.com where they are a range of affordable and professional fonts. These fonts can give great results and will give a clear and clean look to your video.

Controlling Volumes

In your small business video, you may wish to include a narration, a soundtrack as well as other sounds, so it is important you find the right balance between them. You can control the volume using volume envelopes, segment properties, the volume level in the track sidebar and also in the trakkutter.

Segment Snapping

This feature facilitates the precise placement of segments in the Mixing Window and allows you to create your mix with the minimal amount of the effort.

Grouping and Locking

Grouping allows you to combine multiple segments and / or effects into a single unit for the purposes of copying, moving, deleting, locking and unlocking.

Exporting Files and Selecting Target Frame Size

The Target Frame Size represents the width and height (in pixels) of your video mix when it is finally exported. For small business videos, we suggest using the frame size “YouTube HD”, as this will be exported and uploaded in the best possibly quality available.

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